Founders Snooztime Pillows David & Donna Harmon – Founders of Snooztime Pillows

Snooztime pillows were originally designed by Donna Harmon as an answer to a pain in the neck (literally). Donna who has suffered with neck pain and allergies for most of her adult life, was frustrated with the products available to people with neck and back problems.

She had used (and even sold) buckwheat pillows in years past, and they helped her neck a lot at first. The down side was that they couldnt be washed and they broke down (so to speak) into dust in just a matter of weeks (which really inflamed her allergies). Memory foam pillows helped some as well, however they made her really hot and again, they couldnt be washed.

What Donna wanted was just a better pillow. (which was Snooztimes first tag line)

Finally, she decided to make her own pillow A pillow that she could wash (to relieve her allergies) and that would encompass the benefits she had found in other pillows like the buckwheat and memory foam pillows At the time, she didnt know just how far the benefits of her pillow would surpass the benefits of all the previous pillows she had ever experienced. In early 2004, she incorporated and Snooztime was born.

Since their inception, the Snooztime pillows have been a run away hit with consumers all over the world. Snooztime has become the standard in the microbead industry with millions of satisfied customers in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Based in Canton, Texas, Snooztime, Inc. still places product quality and customer satisfaction at the very top of our list of priorities. We are continually working with Engineers and Design professionals to produce innovative luxury pillows which are considered by many to be the finest in the world.


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